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If you are a professional and customer oriented individual with a desire to truly help people discover their best option for debt relief, fill out our simple form below to contact us for more information about becoming a FSN Debt Relief Agent. Once we receive your information, we will then contact you to schedule a phone interview.

With the new bankruptcy laws and minimum payments as much as doubling for many people, now more than ever, millions of people are in need of debt relief. For Bankruptcy Alternatives, we strongly believe Financial Solutions Network (FSN) is the top provider of Debt Relief in the industry.

We are also interested in building additional relationships with companies and financial professionals who have clients in need of debt assistance including mortgage companies, credit services companies, attorneys, collection agencies, churches, etc. We also work with credit counselors who have clients who cannot afford credit counseling or who drop out of credit counseling. The FSN Debt Relief Program is an excellent alternative to (and an often impossible) bankruptcy for many of these clients.

Please do not contact us if you are a marketing company soliciting leads for purchase, however we can make mutually beneficial arrangements with other financial companies and professionals to help clients attain financial freedom.

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