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What will FSN do for me?

Q: How does The FSN Program work? How long will it take?

Q: Who can enroll in The FSN Program?

Q: What can I expect from your company?

Q: I have found that some companies charge a considerable monthly fee for their services. This concerns me since there is no real incentive for them to end my debts. How does your company charge for its service?

Q: Does your company personally provide this service or do you sell leads to other companies?

Q: What type of debts can be included in The FSN Program?

Q: How does FSN compare to debt consolidation or credit counseling companies?

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Q: So, how much can I expect my debt to be reduced by?

Q: Will Collectors continue to harass me or call me at work?

Q: I live in Canada. Would your information apply to me?

Q: After my order is processed, when can I expect delivery of the Debt Relief Educational materials?

Q: What if I have debt that is more than 2 years old; can I still use the process?

Q: Is there a balance limit for any unsecured debt that I wish to get relief from?
Q: Will I ever have to go to court?

Q: As far as the Agents and Resource Specialists are considered, will they assist us throughout each step of the process? Are there any restrictions or limitations to their availability in helping us deal with each specific debt?

Q: Can I go out and charge up all of my credit cards since I know that I can use this procedure to terminate all of the debt?

Q: Once my credit card balance has been alleviated, can I still keep my credit card?

Q: Can I stop making payments once I begin the process?

Q: If you are already behind on credit card payments will your approach still be effective?

Q: How does this process affect your credit rating?

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