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Our Debt Educational program enables our Members to dramatically reduce credit card and other unsecured debt at a significant discount compared with programs that simply extend payments, restructure them, or in many cases put the consumer further in  debt.

Our proprietary systems are unmatched in the industry and are designed specifically to achieve the best debt relief for all of our Members. Each FSN Member works with their own highly trained Resource Specialist at no additional cost whatsoever.

The partnership between FSN and our Members has proven extremely effective in rebuilding a much brighter financial future for consumers, helping them to become debt free, and saving them substantial time and money in the process.

FSN Members also have access to the most time-tested, and successful credit repair process available; allowing our Members to “take back” the good credit score they deserve and need. 

When you become a member with FSN, you will have immediate choices enabling you to add money back into your cash flow. Our program is not debt consolidation, bankruptcy or a loan.

"When I lost my engineering job, I had $100,000 of credit card debt and was about to claim bankruptcy. When I started the FSN program, I not only stopped making payments, but within six months all my debt was gone. Their program offers a legal, ethical and extremely successful solution to getting your financial life back. Thanks FSN"
~B.G., Pennsylvania

Benefits of Our Program:      

  • Stop making monthly payments immediately
  • Avoid bankruptcy
  • Terminate your unsecured debt
  • Avoid public disclosure
  • Re-establish your credit
  • Build more wealth
  • Stop harassing calls
  • Become financially free
  • Get your finances back on track
  • Increase your monthly cash flow
  • Save thousands on insurance
  • Sleep better

 This is NOT a do it yourself program. You will be working with
a Trained Specialist each step of the way. 

"The strategy I found with FSN was highly effective. I immediately dispensed 40K of debt, which dramatically altered my financial direction toward a positive cash flow. After living paycheck to paycheck, I am now planning long term investments. FSN provides powerful education and awesome results!"
J.T., New York

FSN is here to help educate you not only on how to reduce your debt, but also to help you stay out of debt, and our ultimate goal is for you the member to become totally financially independent over the next 5 to 10 years.  


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