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These are actual emails received from members about the service FSN provides and some of the Great Results.
It's very gratifying to work with people in this way. Improving their financial situation and watching them gain confidence and peace of mind. 

"All the way through the process, I was utterly fascinated with what I learned about how the banking system really works and how they overcharged me. I know, I will never get into debt again! My Resource Specialist is very responsive and goes beyond the call of duty to help me understand everything I needed to know. I am very pleased with the result as I now have relief from over $56,000 in credit card debt."
C.P., Texas

"I wanted to write a quick thank you to all the people at FSN. You do not know how you have improved my future outlook. I had over $60k worth of credit card debt 15 months ago, and drowning with the monthly payments. Not only did your education help me get out of debt, but I'm now well on my way to complete financial independence over the next few years. Thanks again for all your support." ~K.M., Florida

"I followed my specialist's directives and found myself $42,000 out of debt from 4 credit cards. I can't tell you what a wonderful relief it is not to pay the huge interest payments. It really was a whole lot easier than I thought it would be.
I am now paying cash for things that I buy. I like having the feeling that I have my finances in control once again and I am earning and saving to purchase things that I want. Those material things are always significantly less expensive without interest. Thanks FSN." ~P.A., Colorado

"I used to pay out $1,200 a month in credit card debt between 7 cards. 9 months later I had no more credit card debt, and my creditors left me alone. I am now financially independent. Thank you FSN!" ~B.G., Texas

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"I'm quite a happy client in that I was able to have a bit over $52,000 of alleged credit card debt relieved. I was assigned a resource specialist who worked my case with me, and I was delighted with his quick response and knowledge. I actually started having fun with the process. My balances are now zero and I'm in credit repair. Thank you FSN, I was looking at a mountain of debt and now I'm free." ~J.K., California

"There is no one that was more skeptical of this program than I was when I first heard about it. The "too good to be true" thought immediately came to mind, but thankfully I took the time to do my due diligence and not just shut out the idea that this really could work. Being $69,500 in credit card debt, I needed help and needed it fast, since I was robbing Peter to pay Paul each month. FSN completely changed my life for the better. It gave me a fresh start and an education that will stay with me for the rest of my life. The debt monkey is off my back...never to return. Thank you from the bottom of my heart." ~R.C., Arizona

"My life was in financial ruin. I lost my engineering job, I had $100,000 of credit card debt and I was about to claim bankruptcy. I started the FSN program, and I not only stopped making credit card payments, but within six months, all my debt was gone. Everything that FSN told me was not only true, but they definitely under promised and over delivered. Their program offers a legal, ethical and extremely successful solution to getting your financial life back in order. No doubt, this is the best alternative to bankruptcy or consolidation."
~B.G., Pennsylvania

"The strategy I found with FSN was highly effective. I immediately dispensed 40K in debt, which dramatically altered my financial direction toward a positive cash flow. After years of living paycheck to paycheck, I am beginning to plan with long term investments. FSN provides powerful education and awesome results!" ~J.T., New York

"I am very pleased with the results of the program. I am almost done with the process and will start on credit clean-up soon. I never imagined being debt free so soon so quickly without going thru bankruptcy. I was scared in the beginning to be called by collectors, but one letter provided by FSN eliminated the calls and I was never bothered again. I urge anyone who has high credit card debt to go thru this program. It has relieved me from worry and stress. Now I can concentrate more on saving rather than paying. FSN will change your life. I thank my agent and my specialist for their professionalism. They have been with me all the way." ~B.R., Indiana  

"This is just a short note to let you all know what a wonderful job you are doing. You won't know the extent of everyone's life you've touched and positively affected until after this life. But let me assure you they are many. We especially want to thank our specialist for his unselfish devoted sacrifices time after time and going beyond the call of duty. Gratefully tuned in and desiring more understanding." ~A. & D. E., Washington 

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